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Mischief Memories Captions

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

To my cactus, I promise I'll never desert you. Happy Anniversary! - Succulent Marker

I'm glad I pricked you. - Succulent Marker

Happy purr-fday! Climb every meow-tain and achieve all success! - Cat Marker

You have a great cat-itude. Keep it up! - Cat Marker

I hope you step on a lego (nothing personal). Cheers to our friendship lol! - Crazy Marker

Your subscription to this relation comes to an end. JK I love you bebi - Heartbreak Marker

Home is where I can poop for as long as I want! - Poop Marker

My love for you is like diarrhea. I can't hold it in! I love you! :p - Poop Marker

We're stinking cute together! <3 - Fart Marker

Getting older is like farting in public. Happy Birthday! - Fart Marker

Happy birthday, from someone who endures your farts and loves you anyway! - Fart Marker

Guess you're getting 'peach'ed finally!!! Happy married life, babe! - Peach Marker

You make my eggplant blush! - Eggplant Marker

Plant one for me! - Eggplant Marker

Congratulations! Same eggplant forever!!! - Eggplant Marker

Smart as the Devil, and twice as pretty! ;) - Angel and Devil Marker

You're a doll. No, not a Barbie. You're more like Annabelle. Haa - Crazy Marker

It's a part of the word class, rhymes with sass. Of course, the word is lass. What were you thinkin'? ;D - Peach Marker

Dear Monday, please, I'm not in the mood today. Nope. - Nope Emoji Marker

If a girl leaves you, let her go. If she comes back because she forgot her purse, still let her go. - Heartbreak Marker

One where we chose hot steamy momos over hot steamy boys. #SingleForever - Momo Marker

I hate you for the times you ended up ordering Malai Chaap instead of Malai Chicken - Heartbreak Marker

Girl! Congratulations!! I thought you'd be a forever loner. - Eggplant Marker

Hey Baby Bro - Just wanted to tell you "potty kha ley' - Poop Marker

Why do you always answer the phone in the loo? COZ' YOU GIVE A SHIT - Poop Marker

Haggemaru : Why just when we have to go out? Seriously! - Poop Marker

I can smell your shit from here! Miss you babe - Peach & Fart Marker

It's been 10 years, and we are still stinking cute! Happy Anniversary - Poop & Fart Marker

How can a devil like me find an angel like you? - Angel & Devil Marker

Your lips, My Lips "APOCALYPSE" - Lips & Heartbreak Marker

Bro, to this day, I can say I survived your Patiala Pegs! Jiyo mere laal - Crazy Marker

How do you pass out last, making everyone pass out first? - Snake Marker

We go like Chalk & Cheese! - Snake & Cat Marker

Le Me - Should I tell them they're adopted? - Cat & Crazy Marker

You'll be the only charmer to this snake - Snake Marker

What are you waiting for? Use these punny captions, and gift this mischievous yet a cute gift to your loved ones? ;) (ahem ahem)

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