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Mother's Day Captions

Updated: May 9, 2021

Mom, I’m sorry for all the times I didn’t keep a check on the cooker ki seeti.
Thanks for secretly letting me inside the home at 2 am.
From wiping our poops to wiping our tears, mothers have always managed to wipe the problems off us!
I never tell you, but I secretly miss your dal chawal here at the hostel.
Thank you for never telling my siblings that I’m your favorite child. Forever our secret!
Cheers to all the magical fingers which feed our tummies with delectable food.
Thank you for finding all the lost things in the house that our eyes couldn’t!
Mom, I miss your “take it or leave it” menu at home.
Mom, no matter where I go, your dal chawal brings me home.
Mom, thanks for not letting dad attend parent meetings at school.
I miss sleeping next to you and giving you the tightest hug.
“Jab khud Maa banegi na tab samjh ayega.”Now I get it all, maa.
Thanks for all the secret pocket money ❤️
My day is incomplete without getting roasted from you, mom.
Thanks for all the late-night family gossips. I miss those in my sasural.
No matter how I old grow up, but I always need you whenever I fall sick.
I know I’m not the best son but you’re surely the best mum.
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