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Rocket Run Game

It's more than just fun and rockets; it's a chance to create lasting memories with a unique prize that celebrates your victory.





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  • Engaging online multiplayer gameplay.

  • Unique face cutout avatars - see yourself on a rocket!

  • Diwali-themed universe with vibrant graphics.

  • Easy-to-learn controls, challenging to master.

  • Final prize for the winner after the competition ends.

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🎉 Rocket Run Game - Have fun with friends and family while competing them
It's more than just fun and rockets; it's a chance to create lastin
g memories with a unique prize that celebrates your victory.

  • How It Works:

  1. Buy the Game, Start Your Journey: Purchase your Rocket Run Game and get ready to launch into excitement. We'll send you a game link straight away!

  2. Create Your Crew: Use the game link to form a group. Invite friends to join your diwali adventure. It's more fun when you have your team!

  3. Set Your Timers: Decide on a due date for your competition. That's the day when the top player will be crowned.

  4. Blast Off and Compete: Play the game with your friends and collect 'diyas' to score high. The more you play, the better your chances to win!

  5. Win and Celebrate: If you're the top scorer when the due date arrives, you win the game. But that's not all - you get a special prize too!

  • 🖼️ The Ultimate Prize: A Game-Themed Framed Picture

FC0081 (2) copy.png

As the winner, you'll receive an exclusive framed picture that captures the spirit of your victory. It's a snapshot of your online game group - you'll be in the center with a crown, and your friends will be there too, as part of your winning moment. Hang it on your wall, show it off, and remember your fun times whenever you see it.​

  • Why It's Special:​

  • Personalized: It features you and your friends from the game.

  • Themed: The frame is all about Rocket Run and Diwali.

  • Memorable: A keepsake to remember the fun competition.

FC0081 (1).jpg
Journey Maps BETA
Memory Maps
Rewind - A set of 3 pictures
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