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Premium Birthday Gifts
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"If you think your room is in a need of a makeover (even a tiny one), then go and shop from this brand ASAP!"

"They have close-ups of stylized maps that customers can customize by adding landmarks of notable events and dates."

" Turn your favourite memories into works of stylised cartography, aka memory maps. These are the ultimate all-purpose gift: housewarming, graduation, engagement, birthdays, anniversaries —let your imagination fly."

"We bet you won’t be able to resist snapping them up"


Choose which size best fits for you

For memories yo
u want to hold on to

These palm-sized frames are collectables for precious memories. The size of this frame makes for a perfect hush-hush/secret gift!

For memories you want to share

This size is travel friendly and compact. Perfect for table tops!

For memories you can’t forget

This frame size is a reminder that good times exist!

frame reference.jpg

We care about your privacy

  • We own our manufacturing, and all products are packaged such that you can tell if they’ve been tampered

  • We auto delete images every 30 days

  • We never post anything on social media without consent

We make sure it’s always an
express delivery!

  • We dispatch within 24 hours

  • Customise online in just a few steps

  • We use only express delivery partners wherever we can. Around the world

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Combine different products to create
a hamper

  • Add multiple products to help tell your story

  • We ship all your products together within 24 hours

  • We package all your products together


Memory Map FAQ

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