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Captions for reaching hearts; Valentine's Edition!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

1) Is it Valentine's or am I just feeling to be affectionate towards you just for a day?

2) Hey, on the day of love, I'd like to move one step ahead and share my fries with you.

3) This one's for the person whose terrible voice manages to make me love her, every day!

4) If you are free, can you be my velle-ntine?

5) I'd rather celebrate YOU every day than celebrating just one day of love, love.

6) If you didn't meet me at the intersection, I'd have been still running parallel to love.

7) Could you lend your smile, heart, and Zomato Pro to me...for our date today?

8) Just to remind you how blessed you are for not being alone on Valentine's! P.S: Love you!

9) Blessed for having two things that kept me going throughout the year: You and your Netflix.

10) Congratulations! You have won a lifelong subscription to celebrate Valentine's with me!

11) To my perfect Valentine, who always added Magic Masala to my Maggi nights!

12) Happy Valentine's "Night" to my cuddling panda who sleeps throughout the day!

Written By: Ramyaa Grover

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