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Captions For Friendships

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Thinking what could be your perfect memorable friendship day present? What about capturing your best moments in a map! A map for where you first met or when your goa plan was actually successful! Capture the places that brought you

closer and gift it to your dost!

Here are another set of captions to describe your yaariyan!

  • I’ll take your deepest secrets to my grave, just leave out the embarrassing bits ;)

  • Don’t ever leave me, tere siva meri bakwas kaun sunega?

  • Thanks for bringing me ice cream after hard breakups, even though it comes with a “maine kaha tha na..”

  • From college mates to colleagues, our friendship has come a long way...♥

  • True friendship is when your parents love your best friend more than you do!

  • You are the ‘I’m curvy and I like it’ to my ‘hopeless, awkward and desperate for love!’.

  • When 2 people are friends for 7 years, they stay friends forever. Congratulations! You’re stuck with me.

  • Partners in crime since the time we were thrown out of class for chit-chatting!

  • You’re the only one I remember when ‘Tera Yaar Hoon Main' starts playing.

  • Thanks for sobering my hammered ass before I got home ;)

7 billion people in the world, but you wouldn’t trade your best friend for anyone else! Who is that friend to you?

Gift them a memory map to make them feel super special!

Cheers to our dosti!


It's time to tell them that YOU LOVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT! Click below to make your Memory Map Now!

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