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Perfect Occasions To Create Memory Maps

Sometimes, choosing a gift for someone is way harder than we can think. But what if you want to gift them something thoughtful? That’s where our memory maps step in. A customized memory map is a perfect gift for almost every occasion! If there’s a birthday, an anniversary, or any occasion, a memory map is a thoughtful and elegant gift to give and receive.

What Is A Memory Map?

Memory Map is a unique way to remind you of memories that a photograph can't capture.

All you have to do is enter a date and place special to you, along with a tiny note.

We have a variety of map designs and markers that you can use to help bring across your memory the best. It helps you capture milestones in every relationship of your life.

Various Occasions To Make A Memory Map:

1. Little Things: This blog is all occasions but we believe all the little things in life make it for the best occasion. The night you spent making the best Maggi, the lazy Netflix afternoons, or the instance you realized he’ll always be there to protect you from lizards! These are sweet moments that make perfect memories.

2. First Meeting: We can all celebrate our first meeting with a friend, or a significant other, or a family member. Our first meet, with anyone who’s close, is always special. There are memories connected from the very first day.

3. Anniversary: Of course, an anniversary is a special memory for couples, be it married or unmarried. They cherish their special day by celebrating the years they’ve come together.

4. Birthdays: Who doesn’t love birthdays? The day of when you're given all the attention! One would surely love a thoughtful gift, from their loved ones.

5. Graduation: One of the biggest milestones for one, is their own graduation. We all remember this once in a lifetime achievement, forever.

6. New Home: Someone moving into a new place? Help them remember their first day in this new home, through a memory map.

7. Long Distance: Be it a relationship or friendship, we wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to make our loved ones feel special. In the end, their the most important person of our journey, and they deserve the whole world!

8. Birth of a child: Of course, having a baby, is a cute little miracle taking place. And to conserve this special day, a memory map is the cutest way to celebrate.

9. New Pet: Not everyone is a pet lover, but those who are, our pets mean the world to us. They are our sweet little babies, a member of our family, and we’d take bullets for them, no matter what. What better way to save this day, when your pet came into your life?

We can count innumerable occasions for the same because memory maps fit in for every damn occasion! Plus, we don’t need an occasion to gift something thoughtful to our loved ones. We can always make them feel special, remembering them, cherishing those memories.

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