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Ways to Express Love

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Love language isn't just the 3 words, it's so much more than that. It's the comfort in doing daily things along with your partner. It's the little things you do.

Speak the love language without saying a thing!

Sweet Ways to Say 'I love you' ; without saying it!

1. Making coffee for your better half when they're tired working all day. <3

2.Untangling their earphones.

3. Helping your partner in the kitchen... :*

4. Putting the charger in their bag while they're getting ready for the office!

5. Giving her your jacket in the cold, even while you're arguing.

6. Supporting their balance when they're tying shoelaces :P

7. Putting on car shades when you see sunlight bothering them <3

8. Asking for their location when traveling alone to ensure their safety..

9. Respecting their personal space! ^_^

10. Giving them champi, when they complain about their hair :P

Now that you know the ways to show your love, why not do it with a gift!

Here are a collection of customized gifts that'll say all that you need to your beloved!

Memory Maps

To cherish those memories with your partner, we turn places into personalized memory maps!

Journey Maps

We take places you've been with your partner and show your journey with your lover in a customized journey map!

Lub Dub Lamps

Scented candles is already a mood-lifter! Add a personal touch to it by including pictures, videos or curated song playlists that will remind them of you with a QR code attached to it!


Adorable pictures and your personal messages combined to make a set of 3 personalized photos that you can hang up on a wall or add to your fridge using our magnets! A picture is worth a thousand words isn't it?

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Unknown member
Jul 13, 2022

Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful information !!!! It is so appreciated!! You have good humor in your thread. So much helpful and easy to read!

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