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Memories That Made 2020 better!

2020 hasn't been our year, clearly. It had its own ups and downs, but in the end, we're grateful to have survived that, and the memories made are now forever cherishable!

So here are some cute memories which clearly made our 2020 better:

1. Every time you called I felt at home. Thank you for being there.
2. Every meal that we cooked together during the lockdown. Are we the best team or what?
3. Thank you for hoarding my favourite chocolates. You are my first in the list of essentials.
4. Lockdown Diaries - You made it home just in time. Baba <3
5. I spent more time with you guys realizing that both you guys are chill only. Love you mum dad!
6. Dear Boss thank you for saying “We won't fire” let's get through this together.
7. Pandemic in the world. I found you little one. No matter what you'll always have a home now.
8. From happy hour to happy year- time for quran-tini? <3
9. Thank you for living the best of introverted lives in those cute pajamas!
10. Dear roommate, thank you for turning into my mother/sister this whole pandemic. I love you!

And to that, we said, we sailed through the year 2020. Hurray!

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