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Photo guidelines

Our system uses cutting edge AI to create stunning art from your pet pictures. Here are some tips to follow to make sure we can generate the best quality art for you.


The pose of your pet in the generated art will be identical to that in the picture. So make sure your pet is sitting (or sleeping or standing) pretty!
Close up shots work best.

Pet pose Image


Make sure your pet (especially their face) is completely unobstructed by other objects and is completely inside the picture

Pet face occulsion

No Portrait Mode

Make sure you take your pictures without portrait mode on. The blur that's added in portrait mode interferes with our system.

Two images of pets one with portrait mode (blur background) and another without portrait mode


Make sure the background is clean and free of clutter as much as possible. It also helps to have a background that is of a different color than your pet, 

Two images of dogs showing how one can be better than the other with propet background
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