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Lub Dub Lamps are personalised scented candles that help share music, memories, and messages. A perfect way to remind your loved ones that you’re never too far away.

These personalized Soy-based scented candles come in 4 different fragrances.

Fresh Cut Roses 🌹
A fragrance made from fresh cut roses. The delightfully sweet-smelling roses are handpicked and bunched together with trimmed stems. This scent promises to leave a lingering trail.

Coffee Cherry ☕️
Made from the fruit of the Coffee plant. This scent is derived from dried-up coffee cherries. The overpowering smell of coffee is blended with subtle hints of vanilla

Amalfi coast 🌊
Amalfi Coast is a marvel straight from a painter's palette; blue skies, scintillating seas, and enchanting landscapes. Fused with the saltiness of Mediterannean waters and sweet lemon blossoms, this scent exudes freshness.

Oudh spice 💝
This scent is a mix of timeless aftershave scent and Oudh. Oudh, extracted from the most expensive timber, flaunts smoky and woody undertones. It is merged with top notes of warm-spicy, mellow aftershave scent.

The customisations are done on the container and lid.

Themes that we offer :
| THE PERSONALIZED MAP | In this customisation you can select a map of a place that is close to your heart and a message. The QR code will be placed on the lid.

| WORD WITH MEANINGS | In this customisation, we will design a label that consists of a word and its meaning. Example : Bibliophile (n) : “lover of books”
The QR code will be placed on the lid.

| THE ILLUSTRATION | In this customisation, we can turn a picture or image of your choice into a design for your Lub Dub Lamp.The QR code will be placed on the lid.

These are each customised based on the details you share with us. You simply have to select the theme and make your purchase, post which a dedicated team member will be assigned to your order and will help you through the entire process. :)

We got you!

Please message us your order ID details on our Instagram handle @pineandlime or email us at, and our team will help you with further customisations by calling you. Our team will contact you within 24 hours of placing the order and try our best to deliver it to you in 4 - 7 days.

Once your design is ready we will share it with you and upon your approval, we will ship it the next day!

Lub Dub Lamp

No matter where I go, I will always find my way back to you.





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Product Information

Our Lub Dub Lamps are crafted from 100% natural soy wax and essential oil extracts. We use only pure cotton lead-free wicks that burn evenly and cleanly. Hand-poured with love into personalized metal containers.

Burn Time: 45+ hours
Size: 3x3 inches

Shipping Information

We dispatch the orders within 1-2 days, excluding Sundays. It usually takes us 4-7 days to deliver.

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