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Year : 1958
Genre : Mystery/Thriller
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

“Did he train you!? Did he rehearse you!? Did he tell you what to do and what to say!?”

Considered to be Alfred Hitchcock’s one of the greatest achievements, Vertigo, an American psychological thriller movie arouses the strongest of emotions. James Stewart is brilliant as Scottie Ferguson, an acrophobic detective who falls for a friend's suicidal wife, Madeleine, whom he’s been hired to shadow.

The film was shot on location in the city of San Francisco, California. It is the first film to use the dolly zoom, an in-camera effect that distorts perspective to create disorientation, to convey Scottie's acrophobia. As a result of its use in this film, the effect is often referred to as "the Vertigo effect".

A must watch Hitchcock thriller for any classic movie bug!





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