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Doctor X




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Year : 1932
Genre : Horror/Mystery
Directed by Michael Curtiz

A creepy horror film with Lionel Atwill as the mad mastermind and Tracy and Fay Wray as his would-be victims, Doctor X had a look quite its own. Based on a play of 1931 titled “The Terror by Howard W. Comstock and Allen C. Miller”, Doctor X was directed by Michael Curtiz and is quite notable for its early use of colour photography. A must- watch for all horror- hounds!

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All our small-sized Arte Aŭdaca posters are printed on museum-graded 300GSM art paper. The large-sized posters are printed on premium quality banner media. The matte-finish on these timeless classics adds to the overall aesthetic of your space. Our frames, made of recycled polystyrene and shatter-resistant acrylic glass ensure the sturdiness of these perennial artworks.

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