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Anatomy Of A Murder




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Year : 1959
Genre : Mystery/Crime
Produced and Directed by Otto Preminger.

“As a lawyer, I've had to learn that people aren't just good or just bad. People are many things.”
This classic 1959 movie has been a fan favourite due to its compelling storyline ahead of its time, that revolves around a lieutenant arrested for murder of a bartender. As the lawyer dives into the suit, shocking revelations arise. Thrill, suspense and complex themes combined with tasteful jazz music keeps the audience on the edge of their seats!

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All our small-sized Arte Aŭdaca posters are printed on museum-graded 300GSM art paper. The large-sized posters are printed on premium quality banner media. The matte-finish on these timeless classics adds to the overall aesthetic of your space. Our frames, made of recycled polystyrene and shatter-resistant acrylic glass ensure the sturdiness of these perennial artworks.

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