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Quoted from the Classic of Poetry , the sentence means that no matter I live or die, no matter we are together or apart, a promise is made, that I will hold your hand being with you till the end of my life. (Pinyin: Si Sheng Qi Kuo, Yu Zi Cheng Shuo. Zhi Zi Zhi Shou, Yu Zi Xie Lao).

The Classic of Poetry, also Shijing or Shih-ching, translated variously as the Book of Songs, Book of Odes or simply known as the Odes or Poetry, is the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry, comprising 305 works dating from the 11th to 7th centuries BC

Zhi Zi Coffee Mug






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Material: Ceramic
Dimension: 10.5 x 8 cm
Volume Capacity: 300 ml
Microwave Friendly

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We dispatch the orders within 1-2 days, excluding Sundays. It usually takes us 4 - 9 days to deliver.

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