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The Cinematics A Strange Education Torrent (Updated 2022)




It was preceded by the single, "La La La" in 2006. Reception Initial critical response to the album was positive, with reviewers praising the band's songwriting and the production values of the album. Rob Gretton of Pitchfork gave the album a 7.9 out of 10 rating and wrote that "the best part of [the album] is that feeling of just walking out of a cinema with a smile on your face. You come out of it and you're all like, 'What the fuck just happened to me? Oh well. Tomorrow's another day.'" Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic commented that "Despite a few too many musical clichés, Strange Education is a wonderfully odd album." Track listing References External links Category:2007 debut albums Category:TVT Records albums What Is It Like to Be an Autistic? - williamranter ====== eindiran The article seems to make a clear attempt to create a distinction between "autistic", "Asperger", and "high-functioning autistic". Here's the part that strikes me most: > Over the last few years, such disorders have acquired a positive, even > patriotic, connotation. Once depicted as a congenital condition to be > "cured" in psychiatric asylums, they have become something to aspire to. I don't think this is accurate. Autistic people (and maybe Asperger's as well) are still very diverse. Most autistics I know are neurotypical (or in the case of Asperger's, extremely neurotypical). But some autistic people (including myself) have difficulty reading, and don't have an exceptional memory for things we'd call "cognition", but we call "subjective". I've known people who go to doctors to get prescriptions to control their seizures because they have trouble recalling the prescription name, although they can take their medicine without issue. There are people who find it difficult to do math problems, or to understand complex political or religious arguments, or to write coherently, and so have trouble




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The Cinematics A Strange Education Torrent (Updated 2022)
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