When The Universe Swiped Right

We were strangers living two worlds apart, yet staying just a street away from each other. We weren't exactly aware of each other's existence until a mutual friend of ours decided to play cupid and plant a seed of curiosity in our minds. Life's unpredictable at times, but that's the beauty of it. And I'm glad destiny played its part like it was supposed to. All it took was one meet at a Pondicherry wedding to merge both our different worlds into a single, cozy one. Ever feel like you've just met someone but it feels like you've known them since the beginning of time? Exactly how I felt!

Shortly after, things smoothly fell into place, like a puzzle-solving itself. We'd hang out with many of our friends, party and dine until late in the evening and then drop everyone else home, only to extend our own romantic dates further into the night! Our dates lasted until pretty late hours, sometimes, even till 4 in the morning! The beauty and silence of the late-night was the perfect background for the only two people onstage: me and him.

Once on the way back from a long drive all the way to Vellore, I had no idea that we'd go from being girlfriend and boyfriend to being fiancees! In the month of June, we had a COVID wedding (we're both doctors so we kept all guidelines in mind, hehe!) and a beautiful wedding that took us from a journey of "friends to forever". It's as if the Universe swiped right on us!


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