Unexpected friendships

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The brisk morning of 24th October 2019 was a fantastic day where I met my best friend and my clone volunteering at my college’s camp at Pawana Lake, Lonavala. It was awkward at first, as she thought I was a senior. We met first at the camp tents as she was assigning tents to every group of people. As I am very much an extrovert, I had a small but massive group of people with me, which had both boys and girls, so we had to split, and for the boys, we got assigned a smaller tent. That's when I saw Vedika. This weird person was standing there and just looking at her notepad. As I said, I'm an extrovert; I asked her if she can assign us a giant tent. As she thought that I'm a senior, she immediately gave us a tent with the lake's best view and was also more significant than I was expecting.

We became excellent friends and used to share everything. Everything. This unexpected friendship; was just a fantastic thing that happened to me in 2019.

We had a lot of fun last year. We hung out in every nook and corner of Dadar hehe. We used to bunk lectures and go to Dadar C5, which is a seashore, and we would sit there and enjoy the view of the sea and the Sea-Link.

It was incredible. We've been not talking much lately as we've got packed schedules and a dying urge to complete the 12th boards and get out of college 😂 I hope you're okay, Vedika, and I love you lots and lots. Hope to see you soon. PS: I'm sorry if that was too emotional 🙃

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