To The Angel "Butter"

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

“OK! This might sound a little extreme, but I visited my terrace for the first time in one year, thanks to this lockdown.⁣

Now coming to this little block of 'Butter'-⁣

While we were just taking a walk, we heard kittens meowing. As we approached, momma cat started picking up her kittens and shifting them to a new location. Out of 5, she took just 4. For several hours we kept checking to see if the momma cat would come for her last kitten. She did not. ⁣

We avoided any contact with the kitten fearing that the cat might not like it.⁣

We came back the next day, and the kitten was still there. My flatmate and I, after a lot of discussions, finally took her in. ⁣

I always knew that my first pet's name had to be Butter. So here it was, My precious Butter. ⁣

Within a week of her living with us, she gained weight, her fur was nice and shiny, and she was all playful. This is what love does to you, it makes you shine from within. ⁣

Now, my everyday routine is to wake up, play with her, and work for a little while as she still bites me and throws stuff around the house.⁣

It might appear to you all that I rescued her, but in fact, she's the one saving me, a little bit each day. The pandemic, rising virus cases, and the uncertainty in my personal life, she's unknowingly shielding me from thinking about any of it. I forget about all my problems when she's around. It's like there is nothing more important than to just see her running around the house.”⁣

— Anupriya’s Memory Map ⁣

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