To My Cheerleader Husband

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

“We got married last year in November. We were just settling down in our lives, and this pandemic happened. Things are different now. We're a family of four, my husband, I, and our two cats - Joey & Olly. ⁣

My husband is a superhero. He switches roles from being the head chef of the house to being the gardener; to helping me with house chores to taking care of the cats. There's never a moment when it feels like we aren't a team. ⁣On days when I really don't want to cook, he jumps to my rescue. If Olly and Joey are fighting, he becomes ringmaster. They adore him (sometimes more than me). ⁣

The most peaceful hour of my day is when we finish all our office work, all the never-ending 'Ghar ka kaam' and sit down in front of the tv. He generally watches football with Olly sleeping on the dining table and Joey on the sofa, and I'm just on my phone. This scene in my everyday life, however simple it might seem, is most peaceful. Thanks to my biggest cheerleader, my husband, who makes everyday so easy for me.”⁣

— Parimeeta’s Memory Map ⁣

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