The One Where They Come Back Home

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Three nerds (Nikhil, Jubin & Aditya) met in the 12th coaching class and soon became best friends. After the 12th standard, the 3 of them chose different streams in studies, got admission to colleges in other cities; they are still inseparable.

Out of these, the first one to get married was Jubin, a doctor, who also got married to a doctor, and her name is Gifty.

Aditya got married to me. I first met his friends Nikhil, Jubin & Gifty at his house, after which we all started hanging out quite often.

Just when we all got along well, Gifty had to shift to Nagpur, where Jubin Was practicing his medical profession for almost 4 years by then. Since Gifty and Jubin were in Nagpur, our group kind of shattered; we hardly met or had time to speak to each other.

I used to wait for them to come to Bangalore once a while to meet them. However, after a few years, Jubin and Gifty decided to return to Bangalore as their parents lived there.

When I got the news of them moving back to Bangalore, my happiness knew no boundaries. I wanted to make their homecoming memorable. That’s when I decided to get this Memory map done and approached Nikhil with this concept. We together came up with a title & content for the memory map and got it created, which turned out to be an incredible homecoming gift for them. They were too touched and surprised by the uniqueness of this memory map.

It was a fantastic moment for me to see them like it so much. Thank you so much, pine & lime team. Looking forward to getting more and more of these memory maps done for future events.🤗

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