The right swipe was the right swipe!

When I moved to Bombay in September of 2016, I had little idea that my future husband would also move to Bombay in the same month. Initially, it wasn't easy adjusting to a new life in a completely different city, and I realized I needed to loosen up and have some fun. I needed to head out and explore the city of Mumbai. And what better way to do that than discover the magic of "The City that never sleeps" with your Tinder dates?

We swiped right on each other in October. After endless hours of swiping through profiles, I noticed Ishan's profile with 'NDA, MBA' written in it. "Who on earth does an MBA after completing their course at NDA!?" I thought and immediately swiped right. Now usually, people swipe right because they find others interesting and imagine a possible future with their match. But in our case, I swiped with the intention of asking him why he did an MBA and planned on unfollowing him later! Ishan replied, "It's a long story; we'll have to meet if you want to know why."

Reluctant but determined to know what was going on inside this guy's head, I agreed to meet up. (Not so easily, though) I kept making excuses for almost a month before I finally asked him if he'd join me to catch a screening of Dr. Strange. It wasn't exactly the best of occasions for me, since 20th November marks my Dad's death anniversary, and I usually never spend that day by myself. My roommate suggested me to go on a date in order to pass the time. And I'm glad I did.

I was expecting to head home after the movie, but he insisted on having lunch after. Is it crazy that he'd already watched Dr. Strange yet agreed to watch it again with me?

Not wanting to be rude, I agreed. Apparently, the lunch date wasn't enough for him either, so he asked me if I wanted to have coffee too. I tried giving the excuse of "no good cafes around here," but he was ready with a "let's head to a bar then.

A few drinks later, everything suddenly changed. We talked and talked fr hours. The guy in front of me, whom I was planning to never meet again after that day, turned out to be a guy with whom I shared so many similarities. We instantly clicked that day. And tell you what? Our date went on till 1 AM in the morning that day!

Fast forward to 2020: After 3 years of dating and 1 and a half years of marriage, we're still the two crazy people who spent 12 hours together on their first date!!


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