The love of my life (Food + My Partner)

Delhi- It's just not a city, it's a roller coaster ride for me. The first time I set my foot here was in 2012 when I came here for my post-graduation. Well! I never left after that. ⁣

Initially, I kind of felt out of place, but slowly this city started feeling like my own. I had so many 'firsts' here- first heartbreak, first job, the first time when I ever lived alone. I found the love of my life here too. ⁣

My love for food begun here too. So, my love for good food and eating out is limitless. When I was dating Ankur (my husband), we used to look for places where we can hang out and have good food and I loved clicking pictures of whatever was on the plate (even before it was cool) and started posting it on Facebook.⁣

One day, Ankur sat me down and explained how my hobby of collecting food pictures can be turned into a 'Food Page'. So we named our page 'Desiduniyafoodtalk', @desiduniyafoodtalk, and a year later, expanded it to Instagram. Since then there has been no looking back. ⁣

I even learned to cook and now I can officially call myself an 'amateur chef'. ⁣

Sometimes people can unintentionally disregard the work I do because they do not understand it completely. But let me tell you, it is so much effort. The presentation, cooking time, photography, video-making skills, ideating the next post, interactive skills, research, and so much more goes behind the camera. There are times when I am too tired but I still do it. I do not have any off day. ⁣

All said I love my job. All those hours of hard work are worth all of the love that I receive daily. ⁣

— Akanksha’s Memory Map ⁣


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