I've been living with my Nana and Nani in our house since I was a kid - no wait! When I was born, umm no, I think, as long as I can remember (hehe). They're adorable together. Nana is from Barabanki (UP), and Nani from (Deoria); these two got married in 1963! (love marriage if you're wondering haha) ⁣

Can you imagine two people in love since 1963?!! 57 years!! Ufff⁣

I call them Papa and Mummy because I was a kid when we became a trio (thanks to them for taking me in their team!). My birth parents were always on the move, from one city to another and I liked my Nani's house, had my friends and school nearby. ⁣

Quarantine has been tough for everyone, but I get my share of entertainment from these two. Nana is the goofy one, and Nani, let's just say restores peace in the house - 'PeaceKeeper.'⁣

A few days ago, I gifted my Nana a pair of EarPods. (His favorite thing is to pull a chair in the veranda and watch political satire.) So, it's a pleasant morning; suddenly, we hear a burst of high-pitched laughter. Nani came out, went to him, and said, 'Pagal ho Gaye ho kya?' Oh god! I couldn't stop laughing, but pretty soon, she looked at me and said, "yeh kya khilauna dila dia hai !" Nana and I quietly looked at each other and exploded into a big laugh the minute she left. ⁣

⁣We're a team! Fries, Ketchup, and Salt. ⁣

I really love the fact that we're together and I wouldn't have it any other way. Someday I want to make them so proud! ⁣

And it'll happen. We'll make it happen.”⁣

— Aakash's memory map for his grandparents/parents⁣

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