Rakhi Captions

As Rakhi day comes closer, so does the search for the perfect present for your sibling! And what better way than to give them a personalized map of your fondest memory! Go down memory lane and bring back the moment that reminds you of the best times you’ve had with your A-Team!

Here are the perfect captions that’ll go best with your gift!

1. Thank you for all the sweatshirts you unwillingly gave me!
2. I’m glad mum picked you up from the temple steps😂
3. Remember, protect karna hai, irritate nahi!
4. I saw you as a baby boy, now you tower over me, not fair ha!
5. I’ll fight the world for you but also fight with you for the tv remote.
6. I'll always have multiple reasons to hate you, but I love you without reasons.
7. Food ho ya series, you’re my best binge-partner!
8. Thanks for helping me sneak in & out of the house past midnight. You’re my A-Team!
9. Do my chores for a week and I won’t tell mom you went for a trip with your girlfriend. Best pacts are made by siblings.
10. It’s always fun to listen about your drunk stories from your friends🤭
11. Har cheez ka batwara hoga! -a siblings tale
12. Pros of having an elder brother: No creepy guy approaches you; Cons: No guy approaches you.
13. Even though you drive me nuts, the home feels empty when you’re not around.
14. You’re adopted, but I love you all the same!
15. Nothing beats the love-hate relationship a brother and sister have.

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