Partners In Crime

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Deepda, my best buddy & a keen traveler who loves exploring new places. He always believes that you should travel far enough that you meet yourself. This memory mapper is a token of the two best places we have been, “ Shillong “just a two-day trip, felt like a two-week vacation with our crazy clan. The changing climate, the border view, the simple food, and infinite memories of this trip will always fall short of words...

On the other side, the most happening place to party and chill, the peaceful and serene Cola beach, and the vibe and fun in exploring the Southernmost part of “Goa” remain fresh in our minds. When a chilled Corona was the best thing around and our last trip until someone in China decided to dine on a bat. I feel life isn’t long, but it's big enough for us to make many more memories together <3

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