Our Love Story Will Never End

22 November is the most special day of my life.

The happiness behind giving a lovely surprise to a loved one is speechless. This time I just want to give all credits to pineandlime team, which helped me trigger my whole love for my bestie 💙.

I was trying to get the best gift to give him for a month😅. I just want to mark the place on the map where I met my lifetime bestie. This landmark is very special to us.

I could capture the spark in my bestie’s face, that was really the best return gift to me.

Just want to make his day more special, have lots of fun and masti. Where ever we are, we never stopped loving and pampering each other.

I have to thank god for him, there are no limits to our fun and chill.

Our day never ends without making a call or messaging with each other.

This map would help us remember the spot where we met.

When he was unboxing the surprise, he thought how many covers did I place. He was utterly confused that if there is a gift or me pranking him😅.

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