Not A Single Day Where I Haven't Fallen For Him

Updated: Jan 7

Jerin & I (together and forever 💝), I guess god already planned all this. Perfect time to meet each other in our busy lives.

So this year till now has been the best year of my life I could ever ask for.

In January 2020, I started to work for an embassy in New Delhi, and as this was my first job, so I was super excited to start it with a fresh.

We met through one of our mutual friends, more of mine less of his as he met her 9 years ago! We both completed our schooling together; in fact, we both graduated together from the same college.

So she (mutual friend) asked me to help a guy with the Visa thing for Poland. As I was handling the Slovakia vac, I was clueless about the Poland Visa things, so I straightway said No. She insisted that I at least meet him when he comes to my office. I was like, okay, I can, and there it all started.

I still remember he gave me a call around 10:30 pm on 17 Feb 2020; he was so excited to share the news of him coming to Delhi as he got the call from the Poland embassy for proceeding Visa process, and I was so neutral and replied, okay see you tomorrow! :)

Then the next morning, 18 Feb 2020, I saw him for the very first time. I still remember he was wearing an olive green T-shirt and black jeans with white shoes. He was looking like an ordinary average guy, but the moment we shook our hands, and he smiled at me, I just fell in love with that smile. I mean so pure sooo soo beautiful that smile was... and will always be the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Whenever he smiles, his eyes do the talking. We started to go on casual dates, and one day we planned a night party kind of thing with our mutual friend. It just went crazy as after so long; I was going clubbing. I was so excited there. I hugged him for the very first time, and the feeling was completely different.

I haven't felt like this ever before. Those arms are my safest place from that day onwards. The next morning we both confessed that yes, this is something more than a friendship, and we get together, and that's it.

Saying yes to him has to turn out to be my best decision till now because he loves me like no one else. He likes to make me feel special and wanted all the time. He believes every day is a special day, and we should celebrate all the days and make our partners feel loved and wanted.

There is no single day where I haven't fallen for him; every single time when I look at him, I feel so special, so blessed by God to call him mine for the rest of our lives.

I love my love like he is the only thing I'm left with; yes, no matter what, I'm always going to love him more and more and more.💝

And this memory map is one of the best ways to showcase our love to our partner.

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