Mumbai Central Station- The Place That United Us

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

It was the 3rd of April, and as I fastened my steps towards the local, I was covered with excitement and joy as I was glaring out the windows.

It had been about a year in Mumbai, and I was trying to get a hold of people and the culture. There was a broad smile on my face as I recalled the call I received from my long lost college friend Trapti that she’s shifting to Mumbai. We have been best friends in college, and unfortunately, we lost contacts between jobs.

I reached out to the local door, trying to see how far is the Mumbai Central station where we were supposed to meet after three long years.

I jumped out of the train when it stopped and started looking around anxiously for her as I rang her. And there she was, with her sling bag and a big smile.

I’ve never been so happy about Mumbai now that I had my best friend and every step we took towards each other kept pushing all those years closer and closer.

The moment of joy and togetherness gushed up the wall of our lives, and it has been ascending since then. ❤️

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