Letters To Him

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

It was a social media love. We met for the first time on Instagram itself. He was a cadet back in NDA and wanted a ball partner, not knowing that I live miles away in Himachal. Our random conversations soon turned into long calls when he was back home, and in no time, it became a routine. Then he started his course in IMA, and god, that period was hell. Our frequent calls cut short to 10 minutes. He used to call me up while polishing his shoes and preparing his uniform after the roger sessions. Miles away, minimal calling still, I used to know every detail about his day. Amidst that, we started writing each other letters. Many letters, small parcels with handwritten letters. Classic old school kind of romance. We were anticipating every night when we will get to stay together. 

Next year on my college trip, we met for the first time (yes, believe me) at the Bandstand. 

We sat on the stairs holding each other's hand, and it was so serene. Crushing noises of the waves, people sitting by our side discussing their day, traffic on the road, and liquid moonlight on the shore. 

7/02/2020 I will cherish this day forever. We had no pictures of that day, but well, god knows how beautiful it was.

 Even he would be half a planet away; I would wrap up my arms and pretend it to be his, I would rest my head on a pillow and pretend it to be his chest, I would close my eyes and sight and pretend these miles don't exist :)

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