Home is where the heart is.

“The four of us met each other at different times in the early 2000s, all thanks to our moms!

From showing up to each other's homes unannounced to carefully planned sleepovers, things have changed, but the love and laughter these girls bring remain the same.

We'd play games and cycle around on some days and spend hours chatting away on the stairs on others. We made up random contests during our summer break and even tried to start our own library! Our sleepovers would be nothing less than an entertainment show where we would roast each other, dance our hearts out, prank call people, and watch movies till we'd see the sunrise.

We became a part of each other's routine so much so that we would meet up just to nap together and still do! There's something to be said about not only knowing someone completely but being there with them through all the ups and downs of their life.

We've moved away and lived in different cities since, but this lane and these girls have always been home and that's what this map is all about!”

— Avanti’s memory maps for her friends Tanvi, Diva, and Shagufta

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