Gourmet Cook, Momo Friend & Midnight Snack Buddy

From time immemorial, having a sibling has been a great pain in the ass; until one day, when you are all grown up and you realize how awesome it is to have a person who'd crib lots but still run errands at your command cause well you are related by blood.⁣

That's how both I and @yugaasthasaxena saw each other for the most part of our lives and still do. And this is how Magnus @magnussaxena will see us for all his life. The feeder, the water bottle getter, the TV remote bringer. ⁣⁣

Ofcourse today, our role in the household has evolved into more serious jobs. Making gourmet spaghetti, ordering the more exquisite mushrooms, making sure we always have sunscreen and Magnus gets his de-worming.⁣

But that hasn't changed how we see each other. And as adults, we have a different phrase to define that role - ‘having each other's back'.⁣

That's what a protector is, a savior is, a guardian angel is and a sibling is. They are all quite the same.⁣

I don't think our lives would ever have become so incredible had we not had each other's support. I can't say for my sister, but I certainly can't do without her. And neither without Mags! ⁣

— Dakshayani’s map for her siblings Yugaastha and Magnus ⁣

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