College Friends That Became Family

Updated: Jan 7

8th June 2016, Day 1 of our MBA college, I was sitting in my hostel room waiting for my roommates (I got two roommates). You came all dressed up in Punjabi attire because it was our induction and also cultural day. At first glance, I thought you must be a very energetic and talkative person (i was not wrong)⁣. We talked, I thought, "ki pata nahi banegi bhii ya nahi humari, we are so different."⁣⁣

But then we got to know each other, and we used to talk for hours, room pe, sofa pe, Raat mein bahar floor pe baith ke baat karna. We vibed like crazy.⁣⁣

College time was adamant, but you and Paridhi made it worthwhile.⁣⁣