City Food Wars!

When it comes to food, India is widely appreciated for its diversity. Indian cuisine is known for its wide assortment of dishes. The cooking style varies from region to region, which creates a lot of variety in the cuisines. On Sunday, we played an entertaining game called 'City FOOD Wars!' A fun polling game where you guys decided which food is your favorite.

Here are the categories:

Lucknowi Biryani v/s Hyderabadi Biryani:

To start with - we love all kinds of biryanis!

On one side is the subtle flavored Biryani of Lucknow that makes you feel as if this the royal meal you've been waiting for, and then there is this spicy, meaty Biryani of Hyderabad; you can feel an explosion of flavour as soon you take the first bite. It's definitely, true what they say "Biryani is synonymous with Hyderabad.

And the winner is:

Kolkata Puchka v/s Dilli Golgappe:

We can't talk about street food without talking about Chaat.

Kolkata's tiny puchkas get its taste from the unique spice blend called Muri masala mixed along with potato and black chickpea filling. In Delhi, golgappas are round hollow puri filled with tangy pani, tamarind chutney, and mashed potatoes.

And the winner is:

Dilli ka butter chicken v/s Chandigarh ka butter chicken:

Who cares about cities? This dish has a rich butter gravy, topped with fresh cream, with succulent pieces of chicken, served with lachha paratha! Delhi or Chandigarh, this meal is all heart. Chak De Phatte!!

And the winner is:

Mumbai Vada Pao v/s Gujrati Dabeli:

Vada Pao can be rightfully called India's answer to the Burgers of the world. Seriously how is it so delicious?! Dabeli is a sweet snack with lots of colorful filing. You can't help but stop at a stall that serves these super yummy street snacks!

And the winner is:

Kerala Uttapam v/s Karantaka Dosa:

Uttapam or uthappam is a healthy savory pancake all the way from South India which is soft, thicker, and has crunchy, healthy toppings, Perfect kickstarter for the day. On the contrary, Dosa is an all-time go-to comfort food when you can't decide what to eat. Because who denies a dosa anyway. Hey! when it's South Indian food, it's definitely South Indian food.

And the winner is:

Goa seafood v/s Kerala Seafood:

Goan Prawn curry with rice, Lobsters, Calamari Fritters, and the list can go on. One whiff of that freshly prepared Lobster/fish and you won't stop salivating. Blessed with endless miles of coastline, Kerala and its love for fish is not surprising.Kerala Fresh fish is simple yet so rustic and with the abundance of spices grown in Kerala, some of the best fish preparations are part of their cuisines If you're a fan of seafood, both Goa and Kerala are SEAFOOD LAND. So, maybe get both the cities on your bucket list!

And the winner is:

Banarsi Lassi v/s Punjabi Lassi:

Lassi is a popular traditional yogurt-based drink in our country. It is a blend of yogurt, water, spices, and even fruits. While Punjabi lassi is a frothy drink with a blob of fresh white butter floating on top usually served in an enormous glass to show "kinna wadda dil aan Punjabiyan da", Banarasi lassi is more like a dessert drink, thick and sweetened with a topping of malai on top and a generous blob of rabdi over it. How much more sinful it could get?. It's simply a perfect drink.

And the winner is:

Now that we have the winners, what are you waiting for? Start adding them to your bucket list already.

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