Chotu, Motu and Chudail

“Every friendship has a story, ours is just a little weird. My friends(lovingly known as Chotu and Chudail) and I (Motu) met in June 2014 (our freshman year).

I first met with Chotu, we just talked a little the first few weeks. Until one day when she lured me in her room by offering me 'Sonpapri'. Unable to resist my sweet tooth I eagerly agreed. Although I was a little skeptical being a shy person, we just clicked and spent hours talking. From that day onwards she has been there forever.

The next thing I knew she had a twin (Chudail) and it was like I had hit the jackpot. I met her only a year later after she migrated to our college. She instantly became my friend. Two is better than one, ain't it?

Things were slowly unraveling and weirdly so was I and that's how we became inseparable. We studied together, danced together, partied together, traveled together. But most of all we grew together through thick and thin. Both of them were already twins and eventually, I became the third twin. It's been 6 years now and I can't wait to grow old with them. And maybe even become ghost best friends after we die. “

— Dikshita’s (Motu) memory map for her friends Ruchi (Chudail) & Prachi (Chotu)

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