Captions For Lub Dub Lamps!

Updated: May 9, 2021

Lub Dub Lamp lets you express feelings to the people you love the most.

- This is for when we fight.

QR recommendation: Make a file that has funny pictures and a sweet video message, to remind them that no matter what, they're stuck with you.

- This is for when you miss home.

QR recommendation: Include photos of your sweet home, and every family picture that exists.

- When I think of you, I feel...

QR recommendation: Dedicate a song to describe how they make you feel! <3

- This is to remind you good days exist.

QR recommendation: Pictures of all the good times together, so they can cherish those memories.

- One more ticked off the bucket list!

QR recommendation: Itinerary and pictures of your vacation, because it's a milestone!!!

- Dear Roomie, thanks for making this a home.

QR recommendation: Add songs, photos of some old bills, screenshots of splitvise, and a list of chores. ;)

- I’ll be back before this goes out!

QR recommendation: Make playlists, that remind them of you and make you miss a little more!

- MOTHER INDIA - I love you ♥️

QR recommendation: Include mom’s best pictures and her old fav songs, because no denying, she's the best!

- To my drama llama!

QR recommendation: A song that describes them and all the drama caused. :P

- You smell of Love :*

QR recommendation: Playlists and letters to remind them you miss their tight hugs!

- Your love is my spaceship!

QR recommendation: Write an appreciation letter, add some photos, and remind them how much they mean to you!

- I lub dub you! <3

QR recommendation: Add a song to remind them you love them on an endless loop! <3

- The party goes wherever you do! Happy Wedding!

QR recommendations: Include all those bachelorette and ceremony pictures, because they'd be the best memories! <3

- आँखों में बसी हो पर दूर हो कहीं...ओ सनम

QR recommendations: A video message reminding them how badly you miss them! <3

- Papa, this for when I am away for work. :* Love You!

QR recommendations: add videos of your childhood and his favorite songs, because you'll always be his little baby.

- This is to cheer you up!

QR recommendations: include fun pictures of your time together, pictures with friends and family to remind him/her that they will never be alone.

Watch how to make your Lub Dub Lamp;

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