Memory Maps

“You are rarely the only one in your fondest memories”

Memory Maps

Memory Maps can be made to celebrate milestones in a relationship to cherishing the little things in life. You now have a way to reminisce a memory that never fails to put a smile on your face. To the day where it all began, to the endless 4 am conversations, to the day you bought your first house, to all the memories that made you laugh and cry, cherish them. After all, the best part about these memories is making them.

How to make a memory map?

Using our custom-built map editor - Memory Mapper, choose the place (location) where your memory was made, pick a date and write a sweet little description. Choose from a variety of themes, colors, and sizes. We also have the option of Gift Wrap and Note!

Size Guide
All your beautiful Memory Maps will be framed, and the dimensions given are inclusive of the frames. These frames come with a wall-mount and a back panel for surface support.

4x4 inches: A delicate palm-sized frame, best suited for desks and shelves.

6x6 inches: Not too big, not too small, if confused, go with this; best goes on shelves and walls.

8x8 inches: As big as your smile, this is the largest size, best suited for walls.

Material and Quality

All our frames are made using recycled polystyrene. We use premium quality 300 GSM Matte Paper for printing. We seal your perfect petite frames carrying precious memories with 5 mm glass tops. The weight of the entire parcel is 350gms.

Shipping Information

Wish we could deliver it to you in a blink. Our team will process your orders within 1-2 business days, and it takes our delivery partners 4-7 days to deliver. We send shipping details via email for you to track your orders.

How To Create A Memory Map