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Gone are the days when a box of chocolate or a pictured mug was a 'thoughtful' gift. The birth of Pine & Lime dates back to the days of quarantine, being stuck in the four enclosed walls of our homes which made the tiniest moments of our normal lives much more worthy and the idea of preserving our memories became more profound.With the sole purpose of providing newfangled gifting ideas and moreover a memorious customer experience to the ones who are always in need for thoughtful gifts for the moments that are etched in their memories forever. Be it your first date coffee date, the day you got hitched, the day she said... YES, you state the memory and we'll frame it for you! Because for us, not just the product but the entire journey of creating that product holds a special stand.Amongst the extreme lunacy in the competitive market we bring forth you the products with the sole mission to provide people with the physical equivalent to the memories flooding their heart . We started off with our flagship product of 'Memory map' and now, we're on a road to introducing more products.

At present, we are proud to work with a team of professional individuals with a strong commitment who continually research to grow our team and achieve the objective of increased customer satisfaction in the industry.

We hope you find a memory with us that is made to last!

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